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How To Remove Links From Apple Watch Bands

How To Remove Links From Apple Watch Bands

How To Remove Links From Apple Watch Bands

How To Remove Links From Apple Watch Bands

If you’re having trouble trying to remove the links from your Apple Watch band, it’s time to check out our helpful and simple guide.

How To Ensure Your Apple Watch Band Is The Perfect Fit

The first step of ensuring that your Apple Watch band will not only look but feel amazing is to utilise our size guide, to maximise the amount of time you can show off your stunning new band!

Help, How Do I Resize My Apple Watch Band?

If you’ve got a smaller wrist or need a little more security to ensure your Apple Watch band isn’t going anywhere, our DIY resizing tools are the perfect first step to achieving all-day comfort! Our resizing tool comes with every watch band that requires the handy tool to adjust your watch fit, such as our collection of Resin Apple Watch Bands. 
Check out our helpful video here for a step-by-step breakdown of how to resize your Apple Watch bands, by removing band links.

How To Remove The Links On Your Apple Watch

If you watched our video and needed a more broken down guide, to visualise how to adjust the size of your Apple Watch band we’ve got you covered. 

Step 1: Firstly, with the DIY resizing tool, adjust the height of the pin to suit your watch strap.
Step 2: Following the arrows on the band, push the diy tool into the circle mark firmly, for the link you wish to remove from the watch band. Here you’ll see the metal pin from the inside of the watch pushed out (this is a good sign)!
Step 3: Repeat this step for the pin on the other side of the link to remove fully. 
Step 4: Use one of the pins you removed to put the band back together, ensuring that the end of the band is facing the correct way, and the pin is reinserted the way it came out. This guarantees your Apple Watch Band is securely attached.
Step 5: Slide your glamorous Salty Fox band into each side of your Apple Watch face, and store your extra links safely.
Step 6: Now you’re ready to wear your watch!

What Apple Watch Bands Can Have Their Links Changed?

The Salty Fox has multiple Apple Watch bands that can have their links removed, to create the perfect sized watch band. Our link adjustable bands range from sophisticated stainless steel Apple watch bands to beautiful bracelet band styles. If looking for luxurious bands for her and elevated bands for him, then adjustable Apple Watch bands are ideal!
Stunning steel link and crystal Apple Watch bands can be resized using the DIY tool provided with every band, which makes these elegant styles even more tempting to enhance your everyday accessories. 
To find the ideal size, we do recommend utilising our size guide - however we know that the perfect present (a glamorous Apple Watch band) can be difficult to purchase for size preferences. However, not all of our bands need our intuitive The Salty Fox DIY tool to make sure your watch band is as comfortable as possible. 

I Don’t Have The DIY Tool, How Do I Change Links On My Apple Watch Band?

If you’re looking to make your watch as comfortable as it is cool without using a DIY tool,  then our clasp Apple Watch bands could be ideal for you! To begin resizing an Apple Watch band, simply flick open the watch link you wish to remove with your nail. This allows you to make a shorter band, while maintaining a polished look.
Ooze luxury with our stunning 18K Gold Apple Watch bands, which don’t  require any tool to readjust. Not only is this band effortlessly elegant, it's simple to resize with our clasps  to create a firmer fit.  

If a clasp styled band doesn't suit your everyday style, our collection of silicone and magnetic link bands can be easily adjusted as soon as the watchband is on your wrist.

How To Ensure Your Apple Watch Band Is The Perfect Fit

After you’ve changed the links and adjusted your watch band, ensure your Apple Watch band will look and feel amazing with our size guide. Maximise your watchband comfort with this guide, for the perfect fit. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with our friendly team.  Remember to review this guide before you buy a present for someone special or yourself, for the gift that keeps on giving!

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